September 08, 2007

Chapter 16 (The Shore in Twilight)

尚隆 [しょうりゅう] Shouryuu (esteem + prosperity)
鸞 [らん] Ran (a mythical imperial bird)
梧桐宮 [ごとうきゅう] Godou Palace (parasol tree), the home of the Hakuchi, is descripted in chapter 2 of A Thousand Leagues of Wind.
 国氏 [こくし Kokushi (kingdom + clan name), the assigned name of the monarch while he or she is alive; the character is different from the name of the kingdom, but is pronounced the same. Youko, for example, is the Royal Kei (景王) of the Kingdom of Kei (慶国). The Royal En (延王) of the Kingdom of En (雁国). The Royal Tai (泰王) of the Kingdom of Tai (戴国).

The Kokushi for the Imperial Sai changed from 斎 to 采.

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# posted by Blogger Greki
6/20/2009 9:49 AM   
Hmm, page 163: "We have made repeated searches, but there is no taika on Mr. Hou."

Again, I think you referred to as "ranka" and "Mt."
# posted by Blogger Eugene
6/20/2009 10:04 AM   
Page 163 corrected: We have made repeated searches, but there is no Taika on Mt. Hou.

This can get confusing without the kanji. A taika (胎果) is a person whose "parents" are from the Twelve Kingdoms but is born in China or Japan. The Taika (泰果) is Taiki's ranka.
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous
8/26/2011 2:27 AM   
One typo. "Royal En" was written as "Royan En"