September 16, 2007

Chapter 17 (The Shore in Twilight)

大司馬 [だいしば] Daishiba (head of the Ministry of Summer)
大司空 [だいしくう] Daishikuu (head of the Ministry of Winter)
太宰 [だいさい] Taisai (head of the Ministry of Heaven)
琅燦 [ろうさん] Rousan (brilliant gem)
皆白 [かいはく] Kaihaku (all white)
張運 [ちょううん] Chou'un (head of the Ministry of Spring)
宣角 [せんかく] Senkaku (head of the Ministry of Earth)
詠仲 [えいちゅう] Eichuu (the Chousai of Tai)

Risai provides a good definition of psychological projection in this chapter:

The Taiho chose His Highness right before my eyes. I've never harbored a moment of regret. Those who say I must be angry about it would themselves be furious and unforgiving if such a honor were taken from them right before their eyes, so they insist that I must be as well.

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# posted by Blogger Greki
6/20/2009 10:15 AM   
Ah, typo, p. 180: "I have to wonder if High Highness..."

His Highness.

Btw, I'm curious. I always thought that those of rank above Queen were adressed to as "His" or "Her Majesty", whereas those with the rank of Prince and below were adressed to as "His Highness", and in the case of certain ruling Princes "His Serene Highness." Is this correct?
# posted by Blogger Eugene
6/20/2009 10:30 AM   
Page 180 corrected: The worst thing about it is the absence of His Highness and the Taiho.

Alas, my knowledge of royal terminology is limited. I went with "His Highness" more based on how it sounded and because it is closer in literal meaning to the kanji.
# posted by Blogger Greki
6/20/2009 10:53 AM   
Ah, I see. Even so, as far as I know "His Highness" is neither incorrect. I think such addressings depend mostly on the country and the type of government.

Btw, I think I spotted another typo, p.188 : "But of course. Like breeds like."

Of that one I'm not sure whether you wanted to add something else after the second "like", or it was an typo.
# posted by Blogger Eugene
6/20/2009 11:32 AM   
This is an idiomatic phrase, referring to something that tends to attract or produce things that resemble it.
# posted by Blogger Greki
6/20/2009 11:37 AM   
Ah, yes, I thought something like that, but I wasn't sure how it went. Thanks!