November 04, 2007

Chapter 24 (The Shore in Twilight)

路木 [ろぼく] roboku; the riboku located at the heart of the Imperial Palace. The riboku is first described in chapter 53 of Shadow of the Moon. New species of plants can essentially be bioengineered via the roboku. In the wild, they also spontaneously evolve new plants and flowers on their own, as Rangyoku explains in chapter 33 of A Thousand Leagues of Wind.
荊柏 [けいはく] keihaku (thorn oak)
鴻慈 [こうじ] kouji, "the compassion of Kouki"

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# posted by Blogger Unknown
8/17/2008 9:55 PM   
You have a typo there "A country like Kei constantly in chaos known nothing but poverty" should be "knows", presumably, or possibly "has known." I'd add some commas, too, though they're optional, to get either "A country like Kei, constantly in chaos, knows nothing but poverty." or "A country constantly in chaos like Kei knows nothing but poverty." No commas there, as you're not using an appositive phrase.
# posted by Blogger Eugene
8/18/2008 8:25 AM   
Thanks. Changed it to: "A country like Kei that is constantly in chaos will know nothing but poverty."