November 25, 2007

Chapter 27 (The Shore in Twilight)

碧霞玄君玉葉 [へきかげんくんぎょくよう] Hekika Genkun Gyokuyou, Mistress of Mt. Hou
班渠 [はんきょ] Hankyo, one of Keiki's shirei; he first appears in chapter 5 of Shadow of the Moon, described as a "big dog."
蓬廬 [ほうろ] Houro (wormwood + hermitage)
The Gozan are first described in chapter 38 of Shadow of the Moon.

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# posted by Blogger Windward Away
7/22/2011 7:43 AM   
on page 56, chapter 27, you said "the women laughed". it should be singular, "woman" :)