February 17, 2008

Chapter 39 (The Shore in Twilight)

天馬 [てんば] tenba (heaven horse); often translated (not just by me) as "pegasus."

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# posted by Anonymous Anonymous
2/19/2008 9:05 PM   
Thank you so much for your work on The Shore in Twilight. I know not a bit of Japanese, so my compliments on your translation will mean nothing. However, as an author/closet (read: wannabe) English teacher, you're doing a great job with readability.

I was really bummed to think that I was going to have wait 5-7 years for TP to publish it. As it stands, I am eagerly awaiting the next chapters of TSOT to see how the rescue of Taiki resolves.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
# posted by Blogger nama kusuma
2/20/2008 1:37 AM   
Wow, reading this translation made my day! Thank you so much. Will be waiting for the next one.
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous
2/21/2008 4:44 AM   
I'd like to thank you for making your translation of these books available. Since seeing the original animation of the series back in '05 I've been eager to read the rest of Taiki's story, however when I found out it would take toykopop so long to publish it I became somewhat disheartened.

So a biiiig thank you to you for your hard work! Your doing an excellent job of it thus far.