March 03, 2008

Literary lexicons

Erica Friedman has posted on her blog a pretty comprehensive list of terminology commonly used when categorizing and criticizing anime and manga in the largely shoujo romance and melodrama genres (understandably, she doesn't touch upon science fiction, fantasy and other shounen-oriented categories in this particular glossary).

She also has an interview on specifically about the yuri genre.

Analyzing the generation of jargon prompts the conclusion that a field of endeavor hasn't come of age until it requires a specialized vocabulary to discuss it properly. The terminology generated by this relatively small literary niche is an indication of its vibrancy, as well as a reflection of the vastness of the medium as a whole.

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# posted by Blogger Erica Fredman
3/03/2008 12:03 PM   
Hi there-

It's not true, that I don't review shounen and sci-fi titles on Okazu. I'd say that a large percentage of my reviews are on shounen action/adventure/fantasy/sci-fi series, in fact. Pretty much everything on my "to review" pile is shounen right now and alll the anime I've reviewed over the past few months has been as well.

The glossary post deals mostly with terms related to Yuri and lesbian culture; terms which are not used by the average reader of comics or manga.

But thanks for the plug. :-)



Hungry for Yuri? Have some Okazu!
# posted by Blogger Eugene
3/03/2008 2:10 PM   
You're quite right. The intended antecedent was the glossary only. I'll modify my original entry to clarify that.