April 13, 2008

Chapter 47 (The Shore in Twilight)

内宰 [ないさい] Naisai (inner manager), vice-minister of the Interior
冗祐 [じょうゆう] Jouyuu, the warrior spirit that "possesses" Youko and helps her fight; he first appears in chapter 6 of Shadow of the Moon.

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4/13/2008 9:16 AM   
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
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4/14/2008 4:44 AM   
thanks a lot! please keep with the translation, im looking forward to it every week.
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4/19/2008 6:52 AM   
Thank you very much!!!

I wait for the translation on every Sunday with impatience. Please do not disappoint, you too, your readers by stopping translating...