June 28, 2008

Chapter 2 (Winter Splendor)

泰麒蒿里(高里要) [たいきこうり(たかさとかなめ)] Taiki Kouri (Takasato Kaname). "Kouri" is the on'yomi (Chinese reading) of Taiki's surname. "Takasato" is the kun'yomi (Japanese reading) of his surname.

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# posted by Blogger Tracy1Laiyen
1/20/2012 8:35 PM   
Hi! well i wanted to ask abou the image that is mentioned in this section... it says "ilustration" but there's no illustration and i was wondering if you could upload it or sth :)
# posted by Blogger Eugene
1/21/2012 12:10 PM   
I used the illustrated editions when translating The Shore in Twilight and Dreaming of Paradise. Because I provide the original page numbers, I wanted to account for skipped pages. A while back, I posted scans from The Shore in Twilight. I haven't gotten around to Dreaming of Paradise.
# posted by Blogger Tracy1Laiyen
1/21/2012 2:36 PM   
ohh! i didn't see that post :/... i'll check it right away :D... hope u can scan the ones for dreaming of paradise :3