June 13, 2008

Early reviews (Angel Falling Softly)

C.L. Hanson at the Letters from a Broad blog reviews Angel Falling Softly:

In Angel Falling Softly, as in his earlier novel The Path of Dreams, Woodbury captures human relationships with realism and depth of feeling. He also paints a warm and homey portrait of Utah Mormon culture as seen from a sophisticated worldly perspective. All of this is woven into a suspense-filled tale of a dangerous friendship as two women--born lifetimes apart--find the desperate courage to bet it all.

This is somewhat off topic, but that last line and Hanson's description of Milada as "a master of the art of the deal who has put her centuries of youth to good use in pursuit of lucrative business acquisitions" reminds me of a fascinating interview series by Michael Malone called Betting it All.

The series profiles successful businesswomen who "risked everything to achieve [their] dreams." I've been watching it on the Utah Education Network. Unfortunately, it isn't available to the general public or from Netflix. But if it ever shows up on a PBS station near you, definitely tune it in.

The material in the documentary seems to be an expanded subset of the book.

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# posted by Blogger C. L. Hanson
6/13/2008 12:09 PM   
Glad to see you're not too annoyed with me for my comments on that other thread. I can get carried away sometimes, but it's all in good fun. ;^)

I haven't seen that documentary, but it sounds interesting.