July 31, 2008

The (local) MSM reviews AFS

Doug Gibson of the Ogden (Utah) Standard-Examiner reviews Angel Falling Softly and with some qualifications declares it

a great read, better than 99 percent of Mormon fiction out there. It also takes our beliefs out of comfort zones, inviting analysis and debate. No matter what happens, we've learned something.

He thinks the details about Milada's financial dealings "slow the pace of the main plot." The guys at Writing Excuses note as well the tendency of writers to cram all their background research into the narrative.

In my defense, the first final draft of Angel Falling Softly had Milada acquiring two companies. We could publish it as Angel Falling Softly--the Wall Street Journal edition. But we decided it was just too much.

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# posted by Anonymous Anonymous
7/31/2008 11:19 AM   
No such thing as "too much Wall Street."
# posted by Blogger Kate Woodbury
8/01/2008 9:27 AM   
Hey, Eugene: I just thought of a super cross-genre idea: a how-to business book based on Milada's ideas!

Stay Sharp! Vampire Tips in a Dog-Eat-Dog World.

Leave Them Blooded but Not Bloody: Smart Business Practices for the Better Than Dead Manager.
# posted by Blogger Eugene
8/01/2008 10:03 AM   
No kidding, a guy by the name of Isaac Cheifetz wrote an article titled "Management Secrets of Genghis Khan." He does helpfully note that "Like the pillaging Vikings of several centuries earlier, Genghis Khan is clearly not a moral role model." Good to know. Literally killing your competitors is not smiled upon by the SEC. I am looking forward to the movie, which seems to take a similar tack ("devoted romantic, caring father, inspirational leader").