September 03, 2008

It's alpha female time

In a previous post, I opined about the reluctance even in liberal Hollywood to truly address the full implications of female sexuality (and the risks and responsibilities that go with it). Steve Sailer provides an up-to-date political context in this comment about Sarah Palin:

Human beings have extremely strong emotions on the topic of [female] fertility. It's an obsession--look at the celebrity gossip columns these days. The who is sleeping with whom stuff bores people [right] now compared to the pregnancy news.

We're still addicted to the pack mentality: the desire of we lowly betas to know what the alphas are up to, because for our primordial geek ancestors studiously evolving bigger brains, the survival of the mentally fittest depended on the proper utilization of that knowledge.

The genetic software is still running in the kernel of our biological operating systems. One plausible reason for condoning patriarchy is that it gives the low man on the corporate or religious or military totem pole a pecking order and a little tribe of his own where he can be top dog.

Yes, I believe that the primary purpose of civilization is the civilizing of randy and violent young men. Just look what happens when society breaks down and anarchy breaks out. A feminist utopia it ain't. It's all primordial Big Man rule.

Nineteen-year-old Mormon missionaries are experts at spotting a pecking order and aligning themselves to it in perfect Gaussian distributions: those who salivate at the sight; those who shrug and resign themselves to it; and those who run fast in the opposite direction.

As Sailer concludes, "Modern people tell themselves they don't care about stuff like that, but they do. Oh, they do."

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# posted by Blogger chosha
9/18/2008 2:35 PM   
Great post. I might need to link it. Just found the blog through your comment on th's latest post. I was surprised to learn that you are apparently the author of the vampire story he linked (which I just started reading) and also to see that you've lived in Japan. I spent three years in Osaka and loved it. My last visit was almost a year ago now and I'm itching to go back.