November 24, 2008

The best "Twilight" review so far

As previously noted, I really enjoyed Dirty Harry's take on the film: "old-fashioned" as the new new. Seriously, I think he's onto something.

Twilight is the anti-everything awful and insidious produced these last fifteen years to further the left’s malicious goal of insinuating themselves in that spot they find most comfortable: right between you and your children. Not a single one of the cultural, sexual, or political pitfalls so common in movies (and public schools) are found here. Even the way in which the film’s directed, edited and scored is anti-MTV.

But David Edelstein at NPR does Dirty Harry one better. Kristen Stewart (as Bella), he argues, is so "much better at conveying physical longing than any of the actors playing vampires" that

she alone suggests how this series was born, in the mind of a young Mormon girl who had to sublimate like mad with thoughts of vampires. Duncan Lance Black, the screenwriter of the gay-rights activist Harvey Milk biopic with Sean Penn opening next week, is also a Mormon. With characters that veer between implosive sexual repression and explosive sexual liberation, Mormons might well be the new Catholics.

Sublimating our way to high art, yeah, that's the ticket! (Hmm, on the other hand, not a bad idea at all.)

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# posted by Blogger Laura
11/24/2008 9:30 PM   
Thanks for posting this. I hadn't heard much about the movie besides it wasn't terrible. And, hey, as long as we're sublimating we might as well be making bank of it :)
# posted by Blogger Th.
11/24/2008 10:28 PM   

Curse you, Eugene. I wrote a post on that Edelstein quote Friday, but it hasn't posted yet. Now I'm going to feel derivative.