November 05, 2008

Obama City

I got a little nervous last night--not because of the election results: I live in Utah's third district, after all--but because NHK's normal programming was preempted to carry live coverage of the U.S. election. I was worried that Dan Dan was going to get preempted as well. I gotta have my daily Asadora fix! Thankfully it wasn't. Priorities, you know.

Then at the top of the next hour, there was another additional thirty minutes of coverage added to the regular noonday (Japan time) newscast, up until Obama's election became a mathematical certainty. Consider, in comparison, that a month ago, the election of Taro Aso as Japan's prime minister got at best a passing mention in the U.S. media.

Recently, NHK's delightful science program Tameshite Gatten! ("Science for Everyone") followed the "mackerel highway" from Kyoto to Obama (小浜), which is, of course, getting a lot of free press these days (in Japanese, obama means "small seashore"). Wednesday morning, the town turned out to celebrate! Here's the city's website in English.

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# posted by Anonymous Anonymous
11/10/2008 7:54 AM   
Hello Eugene

Yes, PM Aso's election didn't get quite the attention in the US that Obama's did in Japan. Shikata ga nai!

Thanks much for linking to KyotoFoodie, glad you found it useful. This article is about a mackerel restaurant at the starting point of the mackerel highway.

Check it out!