May 30, 2009

Chapter 2 (Kizan)

隆洽 [りゅうこう] Ryuukou ("wide prosperity"), capital of Sou
清漢宮 [せいかんきゅう] Seikan Palace (pure China)
典章 [てんしょう] Tenshou Manor ("temple of the law")
正殿 [せいでん] Seiden ("true building"); the main building of the palace
保翠院 [ほすいいん] Hosui haven (protect jade)
大翠 [たいすい] Taisui (big jade), exective director of the Hosui Havens
高岫山 [こっきょうざん] The Koushuu Mountains that divide two adjacent kingdoms
巽海門 [そんかいもん] Sonkai Gate, lit. "southeast sea gate," the narrow straits between Kou and the Yellow Sea (not an actual lock or gate)

恭国 [きょうこく] Kingdom of Kyou (reverent)
供王 [きょうおう] Royal Kyou (accompany)

巧国 [こうこく] Kingdom of Kou (adroit)
塙王 [こうおう] The Royal Kou (promontory)
塙麟 [こうりん] Kourin (the kirin of Kou)

奏国 [きょうこく] Kingdom of Sou (musical performance)
宗王先新 [そうこくそうおうせんしん] The Royal Sou Senshin (future new)
宗麟昭彰 [そうりんしょうしょう] Sourin Shoushou (shining clear)

宗后妃明嬉 [そうこうひめいき] Queen Meiki (bright joy) of Sou
英清君利達 [えいせいくんりたつ] Prince Eisei (excellent purity) Ritatsu (profitable accomplishment)
文姫文公主 [ぶんきぶんこうしゅ] Princess Bun ["Bunki"] (literature) Bun Koushu (literature official chief)

Chinese surnames only have one character, but that doesn't apply to azana. In Chinese, Princess Mononoke uses koushu (公主) in the title, so I concluded that "Bun Koushu" means "Princess Bun." I'm also treating kouhi (后妃), kun (君), and ki (姫) as titles. In Japanese and Chinese the characters all run together without any convenient spaces.

For example, in Scrapped Princess, Pacifica refers to her older step-siblings as "Shannon-nii" and "Raquel-nee." These suffixes are short for nii-san (兄さん) and nee-san (姉さん), meaning "older brother" and "older sister," but she makes them part of their names.

"Everybody just bows standing up? Like the kirin?" The kirin only kneels before the king, and no one else. Youko outlaws kowtowing in chapter 81 of A Thousand Leagues of Wind.

A tasuki is a sash or cord used to tie up the sleeves of a kimono or yukata, when cooking or doing housework or farming. They are still used today.

This is the last chapter in the book.

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# posted by Blogger Damien Sullivan
5/31/2009 11:21 AM   
"Hou has a geographical dependence on Hou."

Odd sentence.

Youko's plans for embassies and aid networks seem partially realized on the backs of Sou. Someone should drop her a note to go meet them. :p
# posted by Blogger Damien Sullivan
5/31/2009 11:47 AM   
Hey, I just realized you're done with the short stories. Any plans for another novel? I'd vote for Kyou, since it's the only one we don't have any translation of now (apart from an abortive fan one.)
# posted by Blogger Eugene
5/31/2009 1:38 PM   
"In particular, Hou has a geographical dependency on Kyou." Corrected.

For the time being, I'm putting any future Twelve Kingdoms translations on hold in order to concentrate on the Yashakiden series I'm translating for Digital Manga. I'll be posting more about this project next week.
# posted by Blogger Eileen
8/07/2010 7:48 AM   
I really look forward to your new translation for 12 kingdom. I will vote for Kyou too since I want to know what happened there. Please continue with the 12 kingdom project!