March 29, 2012

Kala Sarpa

Serpent of Time is a literal translation of the Sanskrit, "kala" meaning "time/era/season" and "sarpa" meaning "snake."

Courtesy Shrinivasa Sharma.

Kala Sarpa is a yoga in Vedic astrology. In this context, "yoga" is a school of Hindu philosophy, more approximate to the various schools of psychology.

Technically speaking, the Kala Sarpa yoga involves the entrapment of the grahas (planets) located between Rahu (the head of the snake that swallows the sun or moon causing eclipses) and Ketu (the snake's tail). No, I don't know what that means either, except that

the existence of Kala Sarpa yoga in the horoscope indicates very strong karmic bondage. Such people are always fired by some unknown zeal and if they lack the spiritual orientation in their mental being, the impulses of this yoga can sweep away their good sense leading to indulgence in violent and catastrophic acts.

But on the plus side, those under its influence are made more

industrious, hardworking, aware of their own abilities, despite mental restlessness. It raises them to top positions in their respective fields, provided, of course, that other Raja yogas are present. Rahu/Ketu axis favors rise in mundane life while Ketu/Rahu axis indicates elevation in spiritual matters.

Got that? To be fair, though, take a long, hard look at the entry in the Catholic Encyclopedia on the foundational doctrine of Christianity, the atonement. After a great deal of deep discussion, the writer confesses to the difficulty of finding "adequate expression in any human theory."

In other words, our weird beliefs are great, incomprehensible truths. Your weird beliefs are just goofy superstitions.

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# posted by Blogger sree
5/25/2012 12:47 AM   
Kalsarp Yoga is touted as one of the most harmful Yogas in Vedic Astrology, but most people are afraid of it without a reason. It is just another astrological yoga, not a threat as it is made out to be.
# posted by Blogger Eugene
5/25/2012 8:34 AM   
This is partly what I was aiming at in the novel. There's a lot more bark in Kala Sarpa than bite, though it takes RyƓ a while to figure that out.
# posted by Blogger Unknown
8/05/2013 3:00 AM   
When all of the seven planets come between the rahu and ketu then the bad effect arises, are just because of the Kal Sarpa Yoga. There are lots of problems arise just because of this dosh and also there are remedies available for kaal sharp dosh.