March 07, 2013

Tonan no Tsubasa (20)

天帝 [てんてい] Tentei, the "Lord God Creator," which, I confess, are the first three words in the definition returned by WWWJDIC. I thought they looked good strung together.

"It's not personal. It's business." Not a literal translation, but close enough that I couldn't resist.

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# posted by Anonymous JP
3/07/2013 10:35 PM   
pg 185 "opposite shore, that now" the comma seems out of place.

pg 194 "What man who bends his knee to another could be considering preeminent?" should be considered?

I was surprised one of the travelers said 'Kyouki' rather than 'the Taiho'.
# posted by Blogger Eugene
3/08/2013 11:24 AM   
Fixed. Thanks.