May 23, 2013

Tonan no Tsubasa (31)

Shuen (朱厭) means "red" + "detestable."

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# posted by Anonymous JP
5/25/2013 6:21 PM   
pg 290 "he actually enjoyed tearing its victims apart" should be 'his' and needs a period at the end.

pg 291 "Turning his gaze back to the savanna, couldn’t make out any other prey close by." should be 'he couldn't'?

I can't say I agree with Ono's decision to tell this chapter from the Youma's perspective. It was a little anti-climactic and would have been more dramatic and intense from the attackers' view. Oh well.
# posted by Blogger Eugene
5/27/2013 8:51 AM   
Thanks. Fixed.