June 13, 2013

Tonan no Tsubasa (34)

The expression "worthy vessel" goes back to Shushou's first encounter with Gankyuu in the prologue.

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# posted by Blogger Damien Sullivan
6/13/2013 12:09 PM   
Only three million people? I always envisioned each kingdom as being like a Han China.
# posted by Blogger Eugene
6/13/2013 1:51 PM   
The Twelve Kingdoms do seem closer in scale to the Edo period domains (if they were merged into twelve total). The population of Japan reached a little over 30 million by the mid-19th century. This breakdown by region looks like it would make for a close real-world model.
# posted by Anonymous JP
6/13/2013 7:59 PM   
pg 312 "my actions that regard" should be 'in that regard'.

I was waiting for a chapter like this. One thing I love about Ono's writing is that when we ask why, the characters do too.
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous
6/22/2013 6:50 AM   
i really love 'The 12 kingdoms" thank you for translating it and i am always waiting for updates in your blog.
just want to know, how many chapters does The Aspired Wings have? cause it's always left me hanging in chapters.
# posted by Blogger Eugene
6/22/2013 8:41 AM   
There are a total of 47 chapters. I count the prologue as chapter 0, so the last numbered chapter is 44, followed by a postscript and a coda.