September 05, 2013

Tonan no Tsubasa (46)

Saishou (蔡晶) is Shushou's imperial name. The kyouka (供果) is the fruit that bears the kirin of Kyou. The kouki (黄旗) is the flag of the kirin.

Calendar years across much of Asia were traditionally counted according to the years the emperor had reigned. This is still done in Japan, which uses the nengou system side-by-side with the Gregorian calendar (2013 is Heisei 25).

The counter could also be reset based on significant dates in the sexagenary cycle and even according to an emperor's whims, though thankfully that isn't done nowadays. The present system is confusing enough as is.

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# posted by Anonymous Tritogeneia
9/05/2013 5:52 PM   
Thank you for completing the translation of Tonan no Tsubasa. I have waited a very long time for the conclusion of this story.

I wanted to ask - I think it is mentioned in Thousand Leagues of Wind that the previous monarch of Kyou (Shushou's predecessor) was also a woman. Shouryuu mentions it to Youko when she tells him that she she thinks the court ministers are dismissing her because she is a woman and he brings up the example of the people of Kyou looking forward to a female ruler.
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous
9/05/2013 7:21 PM   
Thanks for the translation!

Now only Hisho no Tori remains untranslated. Wonder if you're going to do that too.
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous
9/05/2013 9:45 PM   
Thank you so much for translation!
# posted by Blogger Eugene
9/06/2013 9:17 AM   
Tritogeneia is right (see here). I have corrected the online and downloadable versions.
# posted by Anonymous M
9/06/2013 2:50 PM   
As many others, I've been waiting for years, hoping for a translation of this book.

Thank you very much for doing all this work. I've started buying your books initially for gratitude, but now because I enjoy them very much.

I selfishly hope you keep translating such abandoned works (may I suggest Crest of the Stars?)

Again, thanks for this great endeavor.
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous
9/07/2013 10:58 AM   
Thank you so much for the translations of this wonderful series. You works are always a pleasure to read and the effort put is greatly appreciated. ^^
Thank you for sharing them with the readers.

Just for the curiosity, do you have any intention on doing translations of Hisho no Tori?
# posted by Blogger Tracy1Laiyen
9/10/2013 5:36 AM   
Thanks a lot for translating!!! also, congratulations :D i hope to see more of your translations on junni kokki works :)
# posted by Anonymous JP
9/10/2013 9:07 PM   
Thanks so much for this. I enjoyed this story so much and I really appreciate all your efforts. You do a fantastic job with the translations. Now I won't know what to do when Thursday comes around!
# posted by Anonymous Mike
10/08/2013 2:09 AM   
Some unknown force prompted me to check again tonight for an English translation of this novel, since I haven't looked in years.

What a wonderful surprise! I can't wait to start reading. You're the best, Eugene.
# posted by Blogger Unknown
10/31/2013 3:57 AM   
Finally! After months of waiting the final chapter is concluded. Thanks for your efforts. :)
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous
12/08/2013 8:56 AM   
your amazing, I have been waiting for this for such a long time. You are a great translator too.