January 09, 2014

Poseidon of the East (1)

Ryou'un (凌雲山), lit. "skyscraping mountain," is the name of the mountain that houses the palaces of the emperor/empress and province lords.

Shitsudou (失道), lit. "loss of the Way," is the illness that afflicts the kirin when the emperor violates the Divine Will. Shouryuu explains its implications in chapter 59 of Shadow of the Moon.

The riboku (里木) is the "tree of life" in the Twelve Kingdoms, from which children, animals, and plants are born. Rakushun explains the birds and the bees in chapter 40 of Shadow of the Moon.

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# posted by Anonymous Anonymous
1/16/2014 5:28 PM   
I just love the beginning of this book! The Prologue and 1-st chapter are so powerful! Thank you for the translation! Much appreciated!