September 18, 2014

Poseidon of the East (37)

Aside from using kanji in their writing systems, Chinese and Japanese are grammatically and phonologically unrelated, with Japanese classified in the oddball Altaic language group that includes Korean, Mongolian, Turkish, and sometimes Finnish.

"Shouryuu" is the Japanese approximation (or on'yomi) of "Shanglong," which is how his name would be pronounced in Chinese. "Naotaka"  (尚隆) is how it's pronounced in native Japanese (or kun'yomi), and would be entirely unfamiliar to his listeners.

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# posted by Anonymous Lims
9/18/2014 10:20 AM   
Thank you for the excellent chapter!
That was a befitting end I must say.

"Kouya raised his eyes and took a long hard at Atsuyu’s anguished countenance."

--> Shouldn't it be "a long hard look"?

"You took advantage of my feelings for the people and provoked me to rebellion."

--> "provoke me to rebel." ?

"Most of the minister had really believed in Atsuyu’s integrity."

--> "Most of the ministers"

# posted by Blogger Eugene
9/18/2014 10:53 AM   
Fixed. Thanks.