September 25, 2014

Poseidon of the East (38)

"I'm a greedy man, I guess. Give me a choice between a million or a million and one, and I'll always choose the latter."

Here Shouryuu is expressing a sentiment similar to that in the "Parable of the Lost Sheep," found in the Gospels of Matthew (18:12–14) and Luke (15:3–7). In the parable, a shepherd leaves his flock of 99 sheep in order to find the one who is lost.

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# posted by Blogger Unknown
10/01/2014 9:06 AM   
wooooooooooww!! you are a genius!! wating for the next chapter !! :D good luck!!
# posted by Anonymous Lims
10/01/2014 10:31 AM   
That was a short chapter.
But it was very satisfying. Shouryuu is a very cunning man indeed. I find it very cute how despite his attitude he takes the task of being emperor very seriously.

Thank you for the translation of the chapter.
Can't wait to see how the novel ends.
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous
10/02/2014 7:43 AM