December 08, 2016

Interview with a translator

My sister Kate interviewed me for her Romance & Manga blog. As I explain in the interview, I was a "professional" translator for only about seven years, and was pretty much in perpetual starving artist mode.

I'm the PGA golfer who realizes he's never going to rank above 70 and figures he might as well save it up for the senior tour. And get a "real" job. Number 70 on the PGA tour makes around $12,000 a year. It's a move up or move out kind of thing.

For now, translation is "one of those hobbies that takes over your life." But being an otaku, that's the whole point. In any case, this is the kind of give and take forces you articulate stuff you often just think about.

Like blogging, it's thinking out loud, pontificating on a digital street corner, and it was a lot of fun.

Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV

Or start with Part IV and scroll down.

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# posted by Blogger Katherine Woodbury
12/13/2016 8:43 AM   
I was thinking that the next series could be about religion specifically--or perhaps Jungian/genre tropes with religion as a sub-topic. Hmm--I'll start compiling questions . . .