June 04, 2017

Hisho's Birds (3)

In Japan, it is still customary for a lower-ranked person (in a company, for example) to address a superior by title rather than by first name. That is why Seikou refers to Shouran as "Shishou."

When used as a generic noun, I translate "shishou" as "master craftsman."

The reasons behind the exiling of women in the Imperial Palace, which set in motion the downfall of Empress Yo, are described in chapter 59 of Shadow of the Moon.

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# posted by Anonymous Lims
6/07/2017 8:34 AM   
Thanks again for the wonderful chapter!

It is such a cool moment when they decided what to do.
# posted by Blogger Mr. Oscar
1/02/2019 4:42 PM   
Page 55, last paragraph, 2nd line: "was the Right of the Arrow", it must be "Rite of the Arrow".

This is a lovely chapter.