November 26, 2017

Weather Vane (3)

The depiction of "normal" life in the midst of total war is one of the more interesting aspects of Asadora dramas like Carnation, Toto Nee-chan, Massan, and Ume-chan Sensei. The first episode of Ume-chan Sensei begins with a ordinary scene of the family eating breakfast. And then Umeko runs outside—into an utterly wrecked and charred landscape.

And yet life went on.

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# posted by Anonymous Anonymous
11/28/2017 9:36 PM   
Hi, I wanted to say thank you for translating the Twelve Kingdoms novels that aren't available here! They are some of my favorite books. I enjoyed reading the first four from Tokyopop, and I wondered if you wouldn't mind telling me what you thought of their translations? In comparing a bit between yours and theirs, I noticed that Tokyopop seemed to add a few things here and there, perhaps just because you had difference of interpretation. Do you think they are accurate and solid all around?
# posted by Blogger Eugene
11/29/2017 8:06 PM   
I haven't read the TokyoPop translations. However, one of my readers compared my translation of Shadow of the Moon to the TokyoPop translation. The chapter headers of the online edition are linked to my commentaries on the differences.

Admittedly, I have the advantage of time, and especially with Shadow of the Moon and A Thousand Leagues of Wind, I've gone back and done a lot of revising. I'm still changing my mind about the best way to render certain terminology.

(And next week I'll be changing the title of this story.)