January 04, 2018

New Twelve Kingdoms novel (hope springs eternal)

Shinchosha still can't provide a publication date for Fuyumi Ono's upcoming Twelve Kingdoms novel. But they are measurably more optimistic than last year. Here is my translation of the 28 December 2017 press release.

We are closing out 2017 with these year-end greetings. We had hoped for new information about the long-awaited addition to the Twelve Kingdoms series. Alas, we have nothing concrete to share.

During her recent spell of poor health, Ono Sensei continued to work on her new novel. She has since added considerably to the page count, turning it into a true epic.

A publication date won't be announced until after we have received the manuscript. However, our goal is to complete the project in 2018. For the time being, please bear with us a little while longer.

While praying for Ono Sensei's continuing recovery, the entire staff is making every effort to bring you that good news even one day faster.

We humbly ask for your continuing support and wish you a Happy New Year.

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# posted by Blogger Zedta
1/07/2018 8:07 PM   
# posted by Anonymous Lims
1/25/2018 1:55 AM   
Thank you for sharing the news.
Sad to see the publisher still can't give us more information.
However, it is not an easy task to achieve and still we have good news that there is considerable amount of material amassed.

Will wait patiently.
# posted by Blogger Sapphire
1/30/2018 11:51 AM   
Thanks for the news!!
Waiting patiently for the relase (following it for years). I read all the things you updated about Twelve Kingdoms, thank you so much for the work!
# posted by Blogger Vannie
7/02/2018 2:57 PM   
Ah! Thank you for the news...
# posted by Blogger Panino Manino
7/31/2018 6:32 AM   
I wonder about what this new book will be...
After long delay (and readring all the stories chronologically) I finally grabed to read "The Sky at Daybreak". Finished yesterday.
It wasn't the book I expected to read, a much more lowkey story than I expected. Nevertheless I liked what Ono did, and appreciated the way that story ended. For me it's the end, "they're dead and must stay dead". Now that I read this book my expectations and anticipations for the new book changed. I don't want it to be a continuation of that story, and I have to wonder if Ono's disease may influence her to give that story a "happy ending", a conventional one.