January 03, 2019

New Twelve Kingdoms novel (Happy New Year!)

Shinchosha posted its 2018 Year-End Greetings on December 28. A little news, a little marketing, and a nod to a big historical change the new year will bring.

We are coming to you for the last time in 2018. This year, with an enormous sense of relief, we were able to make the long hoped-for announcement that a new installment in the Twelve Kingdoms series is heading to publication. That announcement was met with a deluge of delighted voices through SNS. We thank you again for your warm messages.

The new novel is a sequel to Tasogare no Kishi, Akatsuki no Sora ("The Shore in Twilight, the Sky at Daybreak") and takes place in the Kingdom of Tai. How about reacquainting yourselves with the series during the upcoming holidays? For those of you new to the series, please take this opportunity to dive into the world of the Twelve Kingdoms and enjoy it to the fullest.

Shincho Paperbacks has now published new editions of all of the Twelve Kingdoms novels, including The Demon Child and Hisho's Birds. Available at a bookseller near you! You can find the eleven volumes on Amazon too.

Whilst coping with her long spell of ill health, Ono Sensei's unfolding Twelve Kingdoms drama turned into a massive epic! More than anything else, as we work towards the day when the book will go on sale, we pray for her continuing convalescence. Fresh information will be posted here in "Kirin News."

This is our last Year-End Greetings of the Heisei era. The New Year will also bring with it the first year of a new era, full of newborn promise. And so with that same sense of hope we shall continue to ask for and thank you for your continuing support.

Please have yourselves a Happy New Year!

I'll explain a bit more about the historic end of the Heisei next week.

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1/06/2019 1:43 AM   
Nice post. I really enjoy reading it. Very instructive, keep on writing.
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous
1/06/2019 2:22 AM   
Thank you so much for this great news! I can't wait for the new novel!
# posted by Blogger Bia
1/12/2019 5:27 PM   
What a nice surprise to see you keep updating things regarding Twelve Kingdoms
It's one of my favorite stories of all time so thank you very much for all your work!
# posted by Blogger Zedta
1/18/2019 7:26 AM   
Such wonderful news! Thank for keeping us updated, I am so glad to have found your blog and all of your great works!
# posted by Blogger erdene
1/31/2019 12:03 PM   
I’ll look forward to the new novel!
# posted by Blogger Unknown
2/02/2019 10:46 PM   
Omg. I'm in tears. It feels like 15 years...

# posted by Anonymous Anonymous
3/25/2019 3:27 PM   
I haven't checked back in a while, but this is indeed wonderful news!

I've been looking forward to this book for so long!