September 02, 2019

New Twelve Kingdoms novel (covers)

Inaugurating the 40-day run-up to the October 12 launch of Shirogane no Oka, Kuro no Tsuki ("Hills of Silver Ruins, a Pitch Black Moon"), Shinchosha published the covers for the first two volumes and went live with a redesign of the official Twelve Kingdoms website. Akihiro Yamada created the covers and illustrations.

The Twelve Kingdoms Twitter account is @12koku_shincho (in Japanese).

「白銀の墟玄の月」第一巻 ISBN 978-4101240626

「白銀の墟玄の月」第二巻 ISBN 978-4101240633

The books are available online at Amazon/JapanHonto, and Rakuten.

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Squared (lined) paper

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# posted by Anonymous Anonymous
9/02/2019 11:48 AM   
The covers are looking amazing! I ordered the books off Amazon Japan even though I don't understand Japanese very well -- am looking forward to reading your translations.
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous
9/04/2019 6:21 PM   
Wow! Taiki is so beautiful in this cover. You can see he's a completely different person than before. But it got me thinking... Did he grow up because he lost his horn? Does that mean he is no longer immortal? I don't remember seeing an explanation for this in the last book.
# posted by Anonymous Lims
9/05/2019 8:39 AM   
If I remember correctly, he was unable to change forms?

Covers are amazing.
I will order even though I know almost to no Japanese.
# posted by Blogger Zedta
9/06/2019 11:14 PM   
My heart! I can't wait!
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous
9/16/2019 11:12 AM   
I saw Taiki and I am in awe. So much transformation captured through a single picture.
# posted by Blogger Panino Manino
9/16/2019 7:08 PM   
Taiki grow up while he was in the human world.
# posted by Blogger youadee
10/06/2019 3:18 PM   
I hope you get a chance to translate these! Thank you so much!!
# posted by Blogger UsaChanMan
10/15/2019 8:00 AM   
Oh my god!! This made me tear as I've been waiting for this continuation all this time. I hope would consider translating these.
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous
4/02/2020 10:45 AM   
Yeaaaah new novels !! Does anybody have an idea if those are gonna be published in Europe or in the US??
I hope so !