May 23, 2020

Hills of Silver Ruins (1/4)

The same way the president of the United States is also commander in chief of the armed forces and the chief executive, the Taiho (台輔) or Saiho (宰輔) also serves as chief advisor to the emperor, province lord of the capital province, and commander of the Provincial Guard, which constitutes half of the Imperial Army.

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# posted by Blogger baihaki
5/23/2020 8:20 PM   
Thank you very much!
# posted by Blogger WaterDarkE
5/28/2020 5:12 PM   
Thank you for the update! It was an enjoyable read as always.
# posted by Blogger Eugene
5/29/2020 2:54 PM   
Chapter five should be ready next week.
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous
5/30/2020 9:20 PM   
I'm very happy with this update. Thanks for your amazing work :D
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous
6/03/2020 10:02 PM   
Thank you so very much for all your hard work, I’ve been following this series for years now ever since a one off mention of this series in a livejournal blog comment recommended this series to me back in 2008. I’ve been following it ever since from the anime to finding your translations! I’m so beyond excited for these new books, thank you from the bottom of mine and now doubt countless other readers new and old’s hearts for continuing your top notch translation work on this series!