July 18, 2020

Hills of Silver Ruins (1/10)

Rakushun rides a suugu (this one on loan from Rokuta) in A Thousand Leagues of Wind. A suugu resembles a tiger in outward appearance.

A keiretsu is a "business network made up of different companies that have close relationships and sometimes take small equity stakes in each other, all the while remaining operationally independent."

After this chapter, you might be inspired to watch Spice and Wolf, though the setting and time period are more medieval Europe than medieval China.

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# posted by Anonymous Anonymous
7/18/2020 3:34 PM   
Thank you for this translation !!
I never watched Spice and Wolf but I'll check it out since you recommend it :)
# posted by Blogger Naides
7/19/2020 7:22 AM   
you're breathtaking
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous
7/19/2020 3:13 PM   
Thank you!!
# posted by Anonymous Cat
7/25/2020 10:03 AM   
Thank you for this! I have been a fan of this series for about 15 years and have always wished someone would pick up the novels for translation beyond #4 but didn't have a lot of hope because of its age. Recently re-watched the anime and rekindled my intense desire to know what happens to Taiki and Gyousou, and I couldn't believe my luck when I stumbled upon your site and realized you're actively translating this book. Thank you for doing this work and for sharing it with the rest of us!!!