July 11, 2020

Hills of Silver Ruins (1/9)

All legal residents of a kingdom receive a plot of land when they reach their majority. A single allotment is equal to one hectare. Enho teaches Youko about the allotment system in chapter 25 (book 1) in A Thousand Leagues of Wind.

Kouki (鴻基) is the capital city of Tai.

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# posted by Anonymous Anonymous
7/11/2020 2:07 PM   
Thank you for the new chapter ! :)
# posted by Blogger Unknown
7/12/2020 1:36 PM   
It's awesome that we're able to read these thanks you to, you're the best!
I noticed on the third paragraph it ends with "a simply but soft bed", I'm guessing that might have been "a simple but soft bed"?
# posted by Blogger Naides
7/13/2020 12:19 AM   
Thank you for your work! You are a wonderful translator!
Without you, we would never have read the continuation of the kingdoms!
You are beautiful, thanks!
# posted by Blogger baihaki
7/15/2020 11:47 PM   
Thanks for the translation