August 01, 2020

Hills of Silver Ruins (1/12)

The Daishikou (大司寇) is the Justice Minister and runs the Ministry of Fall. The Shuushikou (州司寇) is the Provincial Justice Minister. This terminology dates to the Zhou Dynasty. "Prison of Dusk" in Hisho's Birds focuses on the work done by the appellate courts in the Ministry of Fall.

A blue bird (青鳥) is a bird-based voice mail system. The sender dictates a message. The bird flies to the recipient and repeats it verbatim. A blue bird can also perform the same tasks as a carrier pigeon. "Pen-pals" in Dreaming of Paradise has Youko and Rakushun corresponding using a blue bird.

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# posted by Blogger Unknown
8/03/2020 1:34 AM   
thank you very much for the translation but I am in doubt about something the author is already working on a new book or I got it wrong publishing on the official website a question of mine
# posted by Blogger baihaki
8/03/2020 4:04 PM   
thanks for the translation