October 17, 2020

Hills of Silver Ruins (1/21)

The Shore in Twilight begins at Jinjuu Manor (仁重殿), Taiki's residence in Hakkei Palace (白圭宮), the Tai Imperial Palace.

Large cities are castle towns surrounded by a loop road accessible through twelve gates. Each gate is identified by a member of the Chinese zodiac: rat (子門), ox (丑門), tiger (寅門), hare (卯門), dragon (辰門), serpent (巳門), horse (午門), ram (未門), monkey (申門), rooster (酉門), dog (戌門), boar (亥門).

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# posted by Anonymous Anonymous
10/17/2020 8:32 PM   
Thank you!!
# posted by Anonymous Angie7
10/18/2020 7:07 AM   
Thanks a lot for the new chapter!

Taiki sure is being bold. Then again, not like there are a lot of options left if they want to keep some civilians alive this winter.
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous
10/21/2020 9:57 PM   
This chapter just shows that the Twelve Kingdoms is partially about wallflower high school students blossoming into courageous and shrewd political leaders XD