October 31, 2020

Hills of Silver Ruins (1/23)

Although Kouryou and Taiki walked from the ground almost to the Sea of Clouds, they got a little help along the way. The Imperial Palace is equipped with magical escalators that shorten the actual distance traveled. You can climb a flight of stairs and cover a hundred times the actual distance traveled.

Without these conveniences, getting to the top of a Ryou'un Mountain would be like climbing the Matterhorn. That's why Taiki and Risai couldn't just land on any Ryou'un Mountain when they flew from Kei to Tai above the Sea of Clouds. They fortunately found one that had been previously occupied.

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# posted by Anonymous Anonymous
10/31/2020 12:14 PM   
Thank you so much for this new chapter and for your amazing work! I cannot wait to see how the situation is going to unfold (Taiki might be more patient than me!).
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous
11/01/2020 4:56 AM   
Thank you for this new chapter !!
I really wonder what Asen is planning...
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous
11/05/2020 4:57 PM   
Thank you so much!!!