December 12, 2020

Hills of Silver Ruins (1/28)

Leaving offerings of food at Shinto shrines and butsudan is still common practice in Japan.

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# posted by Blogger Magi
12/12/2020 5:01 PM   
Yes!!! Another chapter!!!
A slight typo I found: Every time he tried to make things right, he was demoted and threats were made **again** his life.
if you don't mind me asking, do you know when are you planning to post the next chapters? I thought you will always post a week after the chapter was posted, but this one wasn't and now I am confused.
Anyway, thank you so much for the great chapter!
# posted by Blogger Eugene
12/12/2020 5:22 PM   
Typo fixed. Thanks. My goal is to post a chapter a week except when a new section starts. I'll leave a note in the blog for the latest chapter when I'm skipping a week.
# posted by Blogger Magi
12/13/2020 1:38 AM   
You're welcome. Thank you for answering.
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous
12/13/2020 7:46 AM   
I read that 4 new volumes have come out. According to the spoilers, however, according to the description of 1-2 volumes, it seems as if there are only 2. How many books have come out please tell me? is one book divided into 2 volumes?

sorry for my terrible english
# posted by Blogger Eugene
12/13/2020 8:40 AM   
There are four volumes. The covers are posted here and here.
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous
12/14/2020 5:38 PM   
Thanks for the translations! Did you by any chance manage to get a glimpse of the short story they revealed on 12 Dec?
# posted by Blogger Eugene
12/16/2020 7:25 PM   
I gather the story was sent out as part of a promotional campaign launched last year. I didn't sign up for it at the time, but the press release assures us that the story will be included in an upcoming collection (publication date yet to be announced).