April 24, 2021

Hills of Silver Ruins (2/10)

The roka or roke (廬家) is a building on the commons where farmers can stay if they choose to winter over on their allotment. This post goes into greater depth about the physical layout of the allotment and hamlet system in the Twelve Kingdoms.

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# posted by Blogger Seirios
4/25/2021 5:32 PM   
Thank you so much! Please don't stop! I know there are a lot of people who want this. I don't wanna read a summary, I wanna read the book, and thanks to you, I can do it!
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous
4/27/2021 3:22 AM   
Thank you thank you. The last time i read this series was... way more than a decade ago. After so many years I honestly didn't think i would ever get to know what really happened to Tai. I'm so excited to know that the new books have finally been released, and i'm so thankful for your translation. Thank you!