May 29, 2021

Hills of Silver Ruins (2/15)

We last encountered Boushuku in chapter 27 (book 1).

At the imperial level, the Daiboku (大僕) commands the Praetorian Guard and serves the emperor as his personal bodyguard. At the provincial level, the Daiboku is the Taiho's or the province lord's bodyguard. The Daiboku serves under the Shajin (射人) in the Ministry of Summer.

Here the term is being used to refer to Kouryou's role in Taiki's retinue.

The author employs a narrative device at the end of the chapter that isn't difficult in Japanese but can be a real pain in English. Not once is the person Yari is talking to identified by a name or pronoun, only by title. In everyday Japanese, it is common to refer to a superior by a title only, such as the ubiquitous senpai.

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