February 05, 2022

Hills of Silver Ruins (3/14)

Yari identified the jisen (次蟾) in chapter 3 (book 3).

Like the shusei (朱旌), koushu (黄朱) are citizens of the Yellow Sea. During Shushou's journey through the Yellow Sea in The Wings of Dreams, she encounters koushu on a regular basis.

Youjuu (妖獣) are youma that can be domesticated. They live in the Yellow Sea along with the youma, which makes capturing them an extremely dangerous occupation.

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# posted by Anonymous Anonymous
2/07/2022 7:36 AM   
Thanks for the translation!
Fascinating chapter. I wonder if we're going to find that Asen deployed the youma in other places, back in the last book the province lords who opposed him lost their will to do so. If he can control various youma to a degree who knows what he could have up his sleeve.
# posted by Blogger Unknown
2/11/2022 1:10 AM   
Thanks so much again!

Psychic vampire youma are the creepiest youma.