May 14, 2022

Hills of Silver Ruins (3/26)

I've posted chapter 26 (book 3) of Hills of Silver Ruins, a Pitch Black Moon.

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# posted by Blogger baihaki
5/15/2022 10:30 AM   
thank you
# posted by Blogger Laila
5/16/2022 2:16 AM   
Yes, thank you so much, I search every day for new chapter :)
# posted by Blogger Laila
5/16/2022 9:02 AM   
I dont bear any malice, just I noticed you mistyped few times Taiki as Taki, especially in chapters about his residence in imperial palace.
# posted by Blogger Eugene
5/16/2022 1:08 PM   
Thanks for the feedback. I've made the corrections and reposted the pages.
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous
5/19/2022 7:43 PM   
no need to correct anything everyone understood thank you very much you are amazing thanks to you we have the honor of being able to read this work