May 28, 2022

Hills of Silver Ruins (3/28)

Keiki gives Youko a hinman (賓満) in chapter 6 of Shadow of the Moon.

Otedama (お手玉) is a juggling game similar to jacks played with small cloth beanbags.

In Chinese mythology, the feng (封) or shiniku (視肉) is an edible monster that magically grows back as fast as it is eaten. Such a creature may have inspired the running joke in Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid that has Tohru serving up her own tail for dinner.

There is science behind the folklore. The amphibious salamander can regrow a lost tail to full length.

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# posted by Anonymous Anonymous
5/28/2022 5:45 PM   
Thank you!

I love how in the world of the Twelve Kingdoms, acts of self-sacrifice are the only sustainable acts. Ultimately it's self-sacrifice that sustains the world.
# posted by Blogger baihaki
5/29/2022 2:06 AM   
Thank you for the translation.

Though for Tohru, it could also be reference to Gohan (Dragonball) eating dinosaur's tail and the fact that lizard can regrow their tail.
# posted by Blogger Laila
5/30/2022 5:14 PM   
Finally, Juuni kokuki chapter I was waiting for from the start of the book :)
I appreciate the politeness you had in mind while translating Risai's dialogs. Its blessing be able to read.
I wonder, if she is just so polite it has deeper meaning as being thoughtfull and appreciative of other persons.. Not taking anything for granted... She is very interesting person and I still think possible next emperor, if something happened to Gyousou. She changed quite a bit from Shozan..
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous
1/23/2023 7:09 AM   
Oh God I had thought he was trapped in the dark. But I guess the guy who fed the Gyosou was on order. In fact, this man is the real hero. I really thank and appreciate for your translation. stay healthy