August 06, 2022

Hills of Silver Ruins (4/3)

In Hindu astrology, Ragou (羅睺) or Rahu is a malefic planet ("capable of harm or destruction, especially by supernatural means") responsible for causing eclipses.

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# posted by Blogger TyeYona
8/06/2022 12:59 PM   
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous
8/08/2022 10:25 PM   
Thanks! Fascinating how a strong will is needed to tame a suugu, like a kirin taming a powerful youma
# posted by Blogger Laila
8/12/2022 7:03 PM   
Both, kirin and ou, have so strong resolve!
# posted by Blogger Laila
8/12/2022 7:08 PM   
While waiting for new chapter, I read a Demonic child. Almost everything falls in place.
When taiki was in Japan and was tainted more and more bad things happened around him. Really a horror story, fans should read it to fully understand the state taiki, Sanshi and Gouran was when returning.