September 17, 2022

Hills of Silver Ruins (4/8)

In good times, a walled city is accessible through twelve gates, each named after a member of the Chinese zodiac: 子門 (rat), 丑門 (ox), 寅門 (tiger), 卯門 (hare), 辰門 (dragon), 巳門 (snake), 午門 (horse), 未門 (ram), 申門 (monkey), 酉門 (rooster), 戌門 (dog), 亥門 (boar).

This configuration is not unique to Asia. In thirteenth century Norwich, the gates were named after Christian saints.

Walls, mainly of flint, were built on the bank encircling the town. Twelve gates gave access to the town (and also facilitated the collection of tolls). They were King Street, Ber Street, Brazed Gate, St. Stephen's, St. Giles, St. Benedict's, the small postern Heigham Gate, and on the north side of the river, St. Martins, St Augustine's, Magdalen Gate and Pockthorpe Gate. Bishop's Gate controlled the river crossing.

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# posted by Blogger Madelon
9/17/2022 10:57 PM   
Wow! You've made a lot of progress since the last time I visited! Thanks so much! I'm finally going through my second book of this series, it's just as great as the first one!
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9/18/2022 4:27 AM   
Thank you.
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Thank you
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