October 29, 2022

Hills of Silver Ruins (4/14)

# posted by Blogger baihaki
10/29/2022 9:17 PM   
thanks for the translation.
# posted by Blogger Unknown
10/30/2022 6:55 AM   
Thank you so much! Books like this can be a little niche and finding translations for them are difficult! I'm very glad to have stumbled onto your website!
# posted by Blogger Laila
10/31/2022 9:24 AM   
I deeply thank you for moment I was waiting for so long.
# posted by Anonymous xosugarieox
10/31/2022 9:46 AM   
We are soo close to the end! I can't wait for Taiki and Gyousoyo to meet.
# posted by Blogger Laila
11/04/2022 4:38 PM   
I am not so sure about the end :D