January 07, 2023

Hills of Silver Ruins (4/22)

A koshuu (鴣摺) is a rare species of blue bird that can fly to a specific location or person. Having met a person once, a koshuu bird will find that person again no matter where they are.

Moku'u first mentioned Genkan in chapter 8 of book 3. Genkan is actually a code name that Moku'u derived from the characters for "black bamboo tube" (玄管).

The characters for kiki (饑饑) mean hunger or famine. The kyuuyo or qiuyu (犰狳) is a supernatural being in Chinese folklore. In modern Chinese it also refers to an armadillo.

"Who are those guys?" I couldn't help recalling a similar line from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid when the two outlaws find themselves in similar straits.

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