March 25, 2023

Hills of Silver Ruins (4/32)

The Enchou (燕朝) encompasses the personal residences of the Inner Palace and the Imperial Court of the Outer Palace. It is above the Sea of Clouds and has direct access to the Forbidden Gate.

Although the furigana in this instance read simply as "clock," the kanji (漏刻) refer specifically to a water clock or clepsydra. Sophisticated water clocks were invented in China as early as 600 BC.

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# posted by Blogger Laila
3/26/2023 5:13 PM   
Thank you so much. Story unweils itself well. Not without you putting it into known words..
# posted by Blogger baihaki
3/26/2023 10:42 PM   
thank you
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous
3/31/2023 12:36 AM   
Hello, Eugene! Thank you so much for the release <3 I look forward to the next chapters and the final showdown between Asen and Gyousou's forces.

Also, I'd like to bring a possible website error to your attention: While I was reading Thousand Leagues of Wind, I found that the contents of Chapter 22 are cut off while the link to Chapter 23 does not load any content for me. I tried to view these chapters in different browsers, but they still appear the same on my end. Could you kindly look into it?

Thank you very much!
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous
3/31/2023 9:44 PM   
just wanted to say it's the same for me so it's not an isolated issue