April 01, 2023

Hills of Silver Ruins (4/33)

In Greek architecture, the multilevel platform that forms a building's foundation is called a crepidoma. The uppermost level is the stylobate (基壇).

The Sumeru Throne (須弥座) is an architectural feature of Chinese pagodas. The elevated base or first story is designed so that the pagoda appears to be rising out of a lotus flower, with petals circling its circumference. The Sumeru Throne itself is a symbolic representation of Mount Meru, the center of all of the physical, metaphysical, and spiritual universes.

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# posted by Anonymous Anonymous
4/01/2023 9:16 AM   
Such an intense chapter! I will go crazy waiting for the next Saturday! Thanks so much for translation!!!
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous
4/01/2023 11:48 AM   
Omg that cliffhanger is illegal! Cant wait for the next update!! Thank you!
# posted by Blogger Laila
4/03/2023 4:01 PM   
And it looks like it will be somewhat, to some important point of story, resolved in 4 chapters. True, the waiting is not easy, but patience brings the roses