April 22, 2023

Hills of Silver Ruins (4/36)

In this chapter we learn that the army encircling Kouka at the end of chapter 27 in Book 4 was commanded by Eishou.

The technical name for the color referred to here is orpiment (ι›Œι»„), a "deep-colored, orange-yellow arsenic sulfide mineral."

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# posted by Anonymous Anonymous
4/22/2023 8:57 AM   
Thank you so much for the translation!!! More good news this chapter, im so glad 😭😭 we're at the last part of the novel in the next one though awww πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί
Also just wanted to point out that there's a paragraph that got duplicated around the beginning!
# posted by Blogger Eugene
4/22/2023 9:12 AM   
Thanks. Fixed.
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous
4/22/2023 12:45 PM   
Thanks for the chapter.
Really wonder if Asen left any good officials to man the kingdom once his insurrection is put down and all the dolls taken care of