May 06, 2023

Hills of Silver Ruins (4/38)

I couldn't resist the Hamlet reference. From Act 1, Scene 4: "Something is rotten in the state of Denmark."

Kaei was the last person to see Risai before she departed for Kei in chapter 6 of The Shore in Twilight.

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# posted by Anonymous Anonymous
5/06/2023 8:05 AM   
It seems to be a chapter to build our hopes that all those we thought dead aren't. At least Taiki got his shirei back. Looks like the final war will be a sure victory with all the help being given
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous
5/06/2023 8:05 AM   
Thanks for the chapter
# posted by Blogger baihaki
5/06/2023 8:06 AM   
thanks for the chapter
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous
5/06/2023 8:07 AM   
tyy 💗💗
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous
5/06/2023 11:26 AM   
My audible gasps when they revealed Seirai, Kaei, and Taiki's shirei survived 😭😭💕💕 poor poor taiki blaming himself though 🥺 he really did have to do whatever it took for Tai. everyone did! The past creates the present indeed. Can't wait to see how this all closes, but also feeling sad that it's almost over 🤧
Thank you for the translation!