October 21, 2023

Weather News

I added Weather News to my list of YouTube Japanese news channels. When overwhelmed by the sturm und drang of live news, there's no better way to chill out than with a 24/7 weather channel.

Aside from serious events that demand a more sober tone (like earthquakes), the presenters maintain a relentlessly upbeat attitude. Being easy on the eyes certainly helps as well (see the program guide).

The male co-anchors show up to talk shop and occasionally host a time slot but they are obviously not the main draws.

Hosted coverage begins at 5:00 AM JST and continues until 11:00 PM JST in six three-hour blocks: Morning, Sunshine, Coffee Time, Afternoon, Evening, and Moon. They will cover notable events like the recent annular eclipse and the Orionid meteor shower live.

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