February 17, 2024

The end of TV Japan

Based on pretty good evidence, namely that TV Japan had disappeared from the international lineups of every single cable and satellite service in North America, I concluded that NHK Cosmomedia had pulled the plug on its TV Japan contracts. It also followed that the reason the TV Japan website hadn't been updated was because it was going away by April 2024.

Well, now it is official. TV Japan will expire in six weeks.

After more than three decades of broadcasting Japanese television programming to audiences across North America, we regret to inform you that TV JAPAN will cease its broadcast on March 31 [and] will no longer be accessible [as a cable or satellite service] as of April 1, 2024.

And what will replace it? Jme TV, of course.

With Jme, you'll have access to live NHK news, the latest dramas, popular movies, and much more—all conveniently accessible on internet-connected devices. With Jme, you’ll have the flexibility to enjoy your favorite Japanese programs from the comfort of your home or on the go.

I also speculated that the current Jme TV website may be a placeholder. After all, the TV Japan URL is going to be available pretty soon. A simple redirect would take care of that. But we'll find out in April. Morbid curiosity remains my main motivation now. If NHK Cosmomedia persists with the TV Japan pricing model, that's when my subscription ends as well.

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# posted by Anonymous Anonymous
2/20/2024 4:58 PM   
Mr. Woodbury
I appreciate your coverage of TVJapan. I've been a subscriber for a while (I still have the black and white paper program guide from the aftermath of 9/11).
I've never been interested in internet streaming, but it seems internet streaming has become interested in me. I have a 2011 Sony Bravia smart TV that has never used it's ethernet port.
Of the options available, Amazon's fire tv seems easiest as I already have an Amazon account.
I'll get one and set it up in preparation for the end of service.
All the best,
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous
3/26/2024 7:39 PM   
Tried Jme today and was disappointed. The on-demand content was limited and the live-steam of NHK cannot be recorded, so you can’t watch your favorite shows when you want to. Worse, the schedule is no longer based on US time zones, so the best shows are all on at useless times (prime time in the morning, children’s shows at 4am, etc)